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Paladin Properties currently manages office, industrial and retail properties.  Our primary goal in property management is to strategically increase property value and resulting income for our property owners. We accomplish this goal by maximizing tenant occupancy, while maintaining and improving the condition of the owner’s properties.

We find that taking good care of tenants and increasing property value for owners goes hand-in-hand, rather than accomplishing only one or the other. Tenants are generally willing to pay market rental rates if they are receiving valued responsive management services. Making frequent visits to the property, observing on-site conditions and activities helps us stay on top of operational issues as they arise. Regular communication with tenants, answering questions and listening to concerns, provides us with guidance for managing the property. Equally as important is our frequent communication with our property owners, providing them assurance of how their property is being managed.



Paladin Properties management services can be customized to meet the desire of the property owner. Our packaged services may include one or more of the following:

  • Listing and marketing available space for lease.

  • Collecting and depositing tenants rent.

  • Receiving and promptly responding to property related phone calls.

  • Employing and overseeing service providers for property repairs and maintenance.

  • Monitoring and analyzing operating expenses to assure efficient, economical management.

  • Paying monthly operating expenses on time and in correct amounts.

  • Maintaining disciplined bookkeeping and providing periodic financial reports to owners and/or their accountants.

  • Keeping Operating and Escrow bank accounts with monthly balances and reconciliation.

  • Strategically planning for capital improvements and taxes.



Paladin Properties offers Lease Portfolio Management for those companies that have a few or many leased property locations. Most small to midsized companies do not need to employ in-house staff to manage their multiple sites. Paladin Properties has the experience and capability to handle outsourced management of lease portfolios at a savings to the company. Paladin Properties owner has fifteen years’ experience as a corporate real estate manager for a fortune 500 company. His corporate real estate portfolio included more than eighty-five leased offices across more than sixty-five U.S. cities, and several in three other countries. Our management team at Paladin Properties can manage your lease portfolios large or small.


  • Paladin Properties offers computer repair and support.

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